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Hillarys Yacht Club has joined The Big Splash WA campaign - an initiative to raise awareness of mental health issues in children and adolescents.

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Mental health is one of the top three most important issues for young Western Australians.

Four times as many young people now present to Emergency Departments with mental health crises including repeated self-injury and attempted suicide compared to five years ago.

Mental health issues in children and young people tend to be minimised and not spoken about, with persisting feelings of shame and stigma in families leading to a lack of advocacy for services and research in this vital area.

The Big Splash campaign aims to change these alarming figures and bring mental health to the forefront, to ensure our children and young people receive the professional help that they deserve, when they need it most.

Clinical experts advise that early intervention is critical, which is why Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation has joined with the clinical experts at Perth Children’s Hospital and Wild in Art to create The Big Splash WA.

Source: http://www.thebigsplashwa.com.au/about/

HYC has accepted the challenge to fly as many 'The Big Splash' flags that we can to start the conversion about child and adolescent mental health and to remove the stigma associated with the issue. The Club encourages all Members to 'fly the flag' for mental health on their boats - if we can encourage just one young person to speak up when they are in need, we will have played our part.

Flags are $20 with all proceeds going to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit at Perth Children’s Hospital through Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation. You can buy your flag online at shop.pchf.org.au or from HYC Reception, Restaurant and the Boat Lifting Yard office.

For more information on this campaign, please visit http://www.thebigsplashwa.com.au/

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