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The Dinghy Division of the Sailing Section of Hillarys Yacht Club offers enjoyable family and competitive sailing for all ages and experience levels, plus training and coaching, on the clear, clean water off Hillarys.
We sail types of dinghy's that suit juniors, teenagers and adults. Generally the minimum age is 7 years old but it is dependent on swimming ability
Dinghy racing is generally held on Saturday mornings during the summer sailing season which extends from October to April, and the winter racing from June to August. Races range from Club races through to special regattas.
Parents whose children sail are encouraged to participate either by sailing with their children, or in another dinghy, or helping out on a support boat during racing or training.
For those just starting out, dinghy training courses are available during the school holidays and on weekends. These classes are small with qualified sailing instructors. The Club has a number of each type of dinghy available for training and racing.

Dinghy Classes

The dinghy classes at Hillarys Yacht Club are either single or two handed, consisting of some of the world's most popular classes including Optimist, Tasar and Laser.

Optimists - single handed for ages 8-15 yrs
Tasars - two handed for all ages
Lasers - single handed for 15 yr old – adults
National 125  - two handed for all ages

Hillarys Yacht Club Optimist Dinghy RacingHillarys Yacht Club Tasar Dinghy RacingHillarys Yacht Club Laser Dinghy RacingHillarys Yacht Club 125 Dinghy Racing

learn to sail Training & coaching

Hillarys Yacht Club offers dinghy sailing training including both informal coaching and national qualifications delivered by Australian Sailing qualified instructors. If you are looking to start sailing, there is no better place to start than on the safe protected waters around Hillarys Marina. Anyone from age 7 can learn to sail a dinghy! We recommend the following options:

Ages 7-12: Enrol on one of our "Tackers" courses. Based on fun, this games-based approach to sailing is perfect in teaching the basics and increasing confidence on the water. There are three levels to progress through in the Tackers series. Click here for more information on Tackers.

Ages 12 - 18: Older kids have a great time with our Start Sailing courses. These five courses are more in-depth and will get your little sailor up to feeling the rush of dinghy racing in no time! Click here for our Start Sailing courses.

Adult training & coaching: Its never too late to learn to sail and our dinghy sailors range in age from 10 to 60+! Weather permitting, our Thursday morning sailing sessions provide coaching to improve your skills under the guidance of Australian Sailing qualifed coaches - you'll also have great fun sailing amongst the bigger keel boats and trying your hand at solo- and double-handed sailing. Whether you are brand new to dingy sailors or reaching for the Olympics, Thursday morning sessions are where you need to be! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Race Fees:

Combined Storage and Racing (Winter-Summer)   $264*
Racing Only Fees:  
Combined Winter & Summer Single Handed  $160 
Double Handed $192
Winter Series Single Handed $45.60
Double Handed $55 per boat

Summer Series

Single Handed $114.40
Double Handed $137 per boat
Per Race Day Single Handed $20
Double Handed $25 per boat

 *Requires 50% participation in dinghy activities each year, otherwise cost is $528

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Upcoming Events

  • 30 Nov 2019 (1400) WALA Laser Nationals Training (HYC)
  • 1 Dec 2019 TBA WALA Laser Nationals Training (HYC)
  • 17-19 Dec 2019 WAIODA Opti Nationals training (FSC)
  • 16 May 2020 Bunnings Sausage Sizzle (Whitfords)
  • 6 Sep 2020 Bunnings Sausage Sizzle


Past Events & race results

  • Summer Series Race 1 Consistency 1 Provisional Results - 12/10/2019

Optimist Intermediate: 1. Ocean Breeze (V Van der Hoek); 2. Lily's Pad (L Wild); 3. Wedge Tail (O Vitale-Jones); 3. Boat 486 (M Coulter); Optimist Open: 1. Sea Ya (B Graham); 2. Swamp Rat (O Tucker); 3. Beached Az (S Williams); Laser 4.7: 1. White Wolf (B Dick); 2. Dingo (J Finnigan); 3. Wavelength (J Pang); Combined Laser Fleet: 1. Hang Loose (M Graham); 2. Maxed Out (B Taylor); 3. Recalcitrant (H Dymond).

  • Summer Series, Sunday 06/10/2019

Optimist Open: 1. Beached Az (S Williams); 2. Sea Ya (B Graham); 3. Sink or Swim (B Jones); Laser 4.7: 1. Mr Potato Head (A Gardiner); 2. Cheeky (A Tucker); 3. Dingo (J Finnigan); Laser Radial: 1. Hang Loose (M Graham); 2. Maxed Out (B Taylor); 3. Aurora (H Bishop).

  • Barts Bash - 15th September 2019

Optimist Intermediate: 1. Lily's Pad (L Wild); 2. Stinger (B Ilett); 3. Monkey Mania (N Lang).

Optimist Open: 1. Beached Az (S Williams); 2. Sea Ya (B Graham).

Laser 4.7: 1.  Cheeky (A Tucker); 2. Dingo (J Finnigan); 3. Spyce (T Menken).

Laser Radial: 1. Hang Loose (M Graham).

125: 1. Sweet Shiraz (A & P Schmidt).

Pacer: 1. Boat 5 (B & W Dick); 2. Boat 4 (T & O Tucker).

  • Winter Series Race Day 2: 29 June 2019

Optimist Green: 1. Boat 486 (M Coulter); 2. Boat 682 (J Hawley); Optimist Intermediate: 1. TBA (B Ilett); 2. Lily's Pad (L Wild); 3. Ocean Breeze (V Van der Hoek); Optimist Open: 1. Beached Az (S Williams); 2. Sea Ya (B Graham); 3. Sink or Swim (B S Vitale Jones); Laser 4.7: 1. Trouble Is Here (P Scally); 2. Aurum (A Dempsey); 3. Mr Potato Head (A Gardner); Laser Radial: 1. Crystal Clear (C Shaw); Laser Standard: 1. Xtra Wind (C Shaw); 2. Recalcitrant (H Dymond). 

  • Little Island Race Day: Saturday 6 April

HANDICAP: 1. Out on a Limb (H Schmidt), 2. Blue Bottle (H Langford), 3. 2027 (L Bishop)

First in each class:  Optimist Green: 1. 340 (N Lang); Optimist Intermediate: 1. Dreamer (S Charly); Optimist Open: 1. Stay Ahead (J Stay); Lasar 4.7:1. Out on a Limb (H Schmidt); Lasar Standard: 1. Recalcitrant (H Dymond); 125: 1. Sweet Shiraz (A & M Schmidt).

  • Summer Series Race Day 13

Optimist Green: 1 & Fastest. Boat 168 (J Hawley); Optimist Intermediate: 1. Boat 486 (B Ilet); 2. Swift (S O Vitales Jones); 3. Ocean Breeze (V Van der Hoek); Fastest. Lily's Pad (L Wild); Optimist Open: 1. Tachyon (Z Salisbury); 2. Sailfish (B Dick); 3 & Fastest. Sea Ya (B Graham); Laser 4.7: 1. Max (M Goudeau); 2. Joe (J Finnigan); 3. Aurora (A Tucker); Fastest. Maxed Out (B Taylor).

  • Summer Series Race Day 12

Optimist Green: 1 & Fastest. Boat 340 (N Lang); 2. Boat 200 (M Coulter); 3. Boat 682 (J Hawley); Optimist Intermediate: 1. Lily's Pad (L Wild); 2 & Fastest. Boat 486 (B Ilet); 3. Ocean Breeze (V Van der Hoek); Optimist Open: 1. Sink or Swim (B Vitale Jones); 2. Tachyon (Z Salisbury); 3. Swamp Rat (O Tucker); Fastest. Beached Az (S Williams); Laser 4.7: 1. Out on a Limb (H Schmidt); 2. Boat 150838 (L Bishop); 3. Max (M Goudeau); Fastest. Maxed Out (B Taylor); Laser Combined Fleet: 1 & Fastest. Recalcitrant (H Dymond).


Dinghy Sailing Image Gallery

Winter Series Race Photos



Dinghy Captains: Tim Tucker | Tel: 0438 747 123
Rear Commodore Sailing: Mark Taylor | Tel: 0409 522 886 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Training Manager Chris Kelly: 9246 2833





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